ADVANTAGE ATF 668 has been approved by Allison Transmissions against their Nex-Gen global automatic transmission specification, TES 668™.   This heavy-duty ATF is designed for all current and future Allison transmissions and is fully backwards compatible for all Allison transmissions that require an approved TES 295™ fluid.  Specifically designed to replace and build upon the performance and durability of TES 295™, ADVANTAGE ATF 668 has been thoroughly tested by Allison Transmission for optimal performance and durability.


ADVANTAGE ATF 668 provides unparalleled protection for heavy-duty automatic transmissions in severe and extended drain service.  Longer service life is achieved through increase oxidative stability, helping to lower total operational costs over time.  Improved transmission performance and feel are products of the exceptional friction modifiers that are employed to not only provide smoother shifts, better anti-shudder and clutch responses, but also to increase wear protection to extend the life of valuable components.  Combined with back-serviceability to all previous TES 295™ applications, ADVANTAGE ATF 668 is the only choice for the utmost in Allison warranty and transmission protection.


ADVANTAGE ATF 668 is approved for use in any automatic transmission that specifies an Allison approved TES 295™ or TES 668™ other than TC-10 transmissions.


ADVANTAGE ATF 668 APPROVAL #668-10102021