Advantage DHS Series Hydraulic Oils


ADVANTAGE DHS SERIES HYDRAULIC OILS are highly refined, premium, anti-wear hydraulic oils with a unique detergency/dispersant package developed to meet the requirements of high pressure hydraulic systems.  They are designed for use in industrial and mobile hydraulic systems where component cleanliness is paramount and where deposit control is critical.


ADVANTAGE DHS SERIES HYDRAULIC OILS are designed for use in vane, rotary gear pumps, and compressors, along with circulating systems and machine tools. These hydraulic oils are suited for use in systems where water or contamination are present and a high level of dispersancy is required. ADVANTAGE DHS SERIES HYDRAULIC OILS are particularly recommended for use in hydraulic systems on mobile, industrial, or marine equipment, machine tools, elevators, floor jacks, hoists, winches, air tools and lubers, lifts, and many other hydraulic applications. They can also be used in applications that experience high levels contamination, such as hydraulic units in off-road equipment and trucks.  The unique additive system in ADVANTAGE DHS SERIES HYDRAULIC OILS helps to keep servo valves clean for maximum operating efficiency as it traps water in an emulsion to hold it in suspension and prevent system contamination.


ADVANTAGE DHS SERIES HYDRAULIC OILS are characterized by outstanding performance in preventing rust, oxidation, foaming, air entrainment and many other factors that occur in sophisticated systems.


DIN 51524 Part 2, Antiwear Hydraulic Oils, Type HLP, Type HLPD* • Eaton-Vickers I-286-S, M-2950-S • German Steel Industry SEB 181222 • ISO 11158:1997, Family H (Hydraulic Systems), Type HM • Parker Hannifin (Denison) HF-0, HF-1, HF-2 • U.S. Steel 127

*Due to the presence of the detergent/dispersant properties to meet the HLPD requirements, rapid water separation (demulsibility) are not possible.


PRODUCT CODES426462452461456
ISO Grade22324668150
API Gravity28.
Viscosity, cSt/40°C22324668150
Viscosity, cSt/100°C4.
Viscosity Index951059810095
Oxidation Stability50005000500050002500
Flash Point, COC °F395405425455455
Pour Point, °C-40-40-34-250
Copper Strip, Class1A1A1A1A1A
Foam TestPassPassPassPassPass
FZG PASS1010101010
Rust TestPassPassPassPassPass
Sulfated Ash %
Zinc, % wt0.0420.0420.0420.0420.042




462  452  461  456