Advantage Snow Plow Oil 15


ADVANTAGE SNOW PLOW OIL 15 is a uniquely formulated ISO 15 extreme low temperature hydraulic fluid exclusively designed for snow plows and other outdoor hydraulic equipment operating in the most severe of winter conditions.  Its core package includes multiple specialty defoamers, high quality base oils, an ultra-shear viscosity index improver that imparts multi-viscosity properties and long fluid life, as well as pour point depressants and the highest quality anti-wear package.


ADVANTAGE SNOW PLOW OIL 15 is expressly designed for snow plows working under heavy loads but can be used in any outdoor hydraulic application in severe weather where wear and flow are a concern.  Manufactured with a high dielectric strength, ADVANTAGE SNOW PLOW OIL 15 is also suitable for lifts, mobile hydraulic equipment, bucket trucks, and other low-temp hydraulic applications requiring a fluid with electrical insulating properties.


ADVANTAGE SNOW PLOW OIL 15 offers proven performance in the harshest weather conditions. It is specifically made to withstand the constant actuation snow plows perform under without producing air bubbles or foaming. ADVANTAGE SNOW PLOW OIL 15 is dyed blue for positive leak detection and is fortified with anti-wear agents to protect working components when pushed to extremes. Its low viscosity, high viscosity index, and the use of a premium viscosity index improver translate to a superior hydraulic fluid that flows readily at start up, stays in grade for predictable performance and does not shear down under hard use.


ADVANTAGE SNOW PLOW OIL 15 meets or exceeds the requirements of major snow plow manufacturers including Boss, Fisher, Diamond, and Meyer.

*Dielectric strength measurement given at point of manufacture. Dielectric strength deteriorates rapidly with contamination from particulates and moisture; oil must be kept clean and dry at all times.


Product Code427
ISO Viscosity15
Viscosity, cSt @ 40 °C14.8
Viscosity Index142
Flash Point, °C207
Pour Point, °C-58
Demulsibility (ASTM D1401), Mins15
Emulsion, mlNil
Foam test (ASTM D 892)TR/0
Zinc, ppm500
Phosphorous, ppm380
Dielectric Strength, kV*>35