Xtreme Lubricants is recommended for high performance engines where exceptional engine protection is needed. The anti-wear detergent additives are blended in quality paraffinic base oils making it the ideal motor oils for protecting your engine under the most extreme conditions. Utilizing the mixture of synthetic  and conventional lubircants helps with maximizing performance and provides protection from oxidation that causes engine deposites.

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Extreme Brand Products SJ Synthetic Blend Racing Oils 2200 ppm Zn 2500 ppm Ca are based on API service level SJ additive technology.

An additional boost of ZDDP is utilized taking the final formulation to 2200ppm Zinc. This extra amount of ZDDP provides excellent anti-wear protection.

Xtreme Lubricants 75W-90 Gear Oil
Xtreme Lubricants 80W-140 Gear Oil

XTREME Gear Oils

75W-90 Part #6331-005 – API GL-5/MT-1 • Dana SHAES 256, 429 • Freightliner • DFS 93K219.01 • SAE J2360 • Mack Go-J Plus • Meritor O-76A • MIL PRF-2105 • Navistar TMS-6816

80W-140 Part #6341-005 – API GL-5/MT-1 • Dana SHAES 429 • SAE J2360 • Mack GO-J Plus • Meritor O-76B • MIL PRF-2105 • Navistar TM-6816

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XTREME GEAR OILS are full synthetic, premium quality, commercial drive-train lubricants designed for extended drain interval service and to meet the rigorous demands of off warranty vehicles. XTREME GEAR OILS provide outstanding performance in heavy duty drive-trains where extreme pressure and shock loading are common. XTREME FULL SYNTHETIC GEAR OILS offer enhanced friction reduction properties, exceptional shear stability, and limited slip protection designed for full service-fill change out in high-performance vehicles, passenger car and light-duty truck applications.


XTREME GEAR OILS are designed for heavy-duty manual transmissions, axles and final drives requiring API GL-5 and MT-1 performance. Applications include off-highway vehicles, light and heavy-duty trucks, busses and vans, hypoid and worm gears operating under conditions where high speed/high torque conditions prevail.  Use for heavy duty vehicles where warranty and OEM approvals are not a consideration.  While XTREME GEAR OILS are specifically designed for HD applications, they are perfectly suitable for high performance vehicle, passenger car and light-duty applications with and without limited slip differentials.


XTREME DIFFERENTIAL GEAR OILS offer exceptional component protection using fully synthetic base stocks and robust long-drain performance additives. These fluids are designed to withstand up to 500,000 miles of severe service under proper operating conditions in both on and off-road applications to maximize productivity*. XTREME DIFFERENTIAL GEAR OILS offer superior thermal stability and resistance to high-temperature oxidation, outstanding protection against low-speed/high-torque wear and high-speed scoring, and excellent low-temperature fluidity versus mineral oils.

Product Code633634
SAE Viscoisty Grade75W-9080W-140
Viscosity, cSt @ 40 °C101310
Viscosity, cSt @ 100 °C15.031.2
Flash Point, °C205210
Pour Point, °C-38-36
Foaming Sequences I, II, IIIPassPass